Starting a photography business wasn't easy, and sometimes I wish I had someone to guide me and show me the ropes. Since I've always had a passion for sharing what I know, what I've learned, and helping other chase their dreams, I want to be here for YOU. I figured that giving you this opportunity would be perfect, and we'll become friends in the process, too, it's a win win! Once we work together, you have me for life. You'll be added into a private Facebook community of others who have worked with me before, so we can all share tips & support each other on this journey. Learn & grow with me - let's do this thing!

meet-up & learn

These can include anything and EVERYTHING that you can fit into two hours. These sessions are Q+A styled sessions led by you; I encourage you to come with bucket loads of questions prepared. We can cover any topics such as pricing, work flow, editing tips and tricks, weddings, posing, how to get clients comfortable, marketing and social media tips, booking ideal clients and more. The options are endless & I am here for you. Nothing is off the table. 

- 2 hour skype or in person meet-up -
live shoot

These are perfect for building a portfolio, and hands-on learning about how I work during a session. This can be any type of session you're most interested in. And don't worry, I'll provide the humans! You'll learn about how I get my clients comfortable in front of the camera, prompts & poses I use, how I evoke and capture real emotion. We'll take it slow and I'll give you opportunities to stop and ask questions, and learn as we go throughout the shoot.

- 2-3 hour live shoot of your choice -
full day hang & learn

This session combines a meet-up & learn with a live shoot. It's basically a full day hanging out and learning with me. We meet-up, go to a live shoot, and then meet-up again. At our first meet-up, we'll go over anything you want. This is the perfect time to ask any questions, get ready to shoot, and pick my brain. Then we'll go to shoot together, we'll take it slow and you'll be able to stop and ask any questions throughout the shoot. And then we'll head out together for our second meet-up where we'll go over the shoot, you'll ask questions, we'll edit together, and you can pick my brain again!

- 5-6 hours spent learning with me -


"Sarah has honestly changed my entire life. Before meeting her and having her as a mentor, I wasn't able to do anything with a camera besides point, shoot & hope it would come out well. Now I not only know to change settings and what they mean, I know how to edit and market myself. She has helped me realize my passion and helped me move forward with my dreams to make them a reality. I'm so thankful to have someone with me who genuinely cares about me and wants me to succeed every step of the way."

~ Anna