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Andrea, Tom & Tallulah

This family is the BOMB. Like, seriously, I love them like I love my best friends. This is why my first client post is about them. But, really, they're so much more than clients. This family has believed in me since the very beginning of Sarah Noele Photography. I've worked with them, honestly, I can't even count at this point. A lot of times. Every time we work together we have so much fun, we share laughs, stories, and memories that I'll hold onto forever.

Andrea and Tom are the cutest couple, with such a pure and joyful love. It's so real and raw and I can feel it every time I'm with them. They share a love that lights up the room (or the field we're shooting in). They also have the most adorable toddler, Tallulah, who obviously makes every session so much more exciting with her personality and sass. I remember a session we did at the Smith College Botanical Gardens where Tallulah was so mesmerized by all of the plants and I could just tell she was in her element. She stopped at this little spot on the walking path inside the garden and was just spinning around and laughing. Such a simple moment that was so beautiful and so amazing to witness.

Families like this one make me even more grateful to be able to do this for a living. Andrea recently started a blog, and now I get to be a part of that journey, photographing for her blog (which you should definitely go check out, especially all the mama's reading this, andyleemommy.com). It's seriously so amazing to be able to watch their little human grow, capture irreplaceable moments for them, and be there through different journeys and life experiences. It's my favorite part about this job.

I can't wait to capture more of this family next week at our next session together. Scroll down to enjoy some photos I've taken of these amazing humans throughout the past few months, you won't be disappointed.

Until next time,

xx Sarah


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