• Sarah Smith

Naomi & Alonzo

I've honestly never been so proud of my work.

Okay honestly I wrote that sentence a week ago and never finished this blog post but I'm back and ready to rock dissss. But really though, this was my favorite session to date - Naomi and Alonzo were so much fun to work with, and the photos we created are seriously perfect.

My boyfriend and I got to Harkness Memorial State Park early and explored a little bit before Naomi and Alonzo arrived. It was my first time there and I was SO HYPED because it was stunning. It has literally every kind of back drop you could ask for in a photo. Beach, fields, buildings, flowers, all of it. I knew this would be a perfect place for us to adventure around for a couple's session. When Naomi and Alonzo got there, we wasted no time and ran right over to the buildings to start shooting. Guys, when your clients are just as excited as you are for the shoot, that's when you know it'll be the best time. Naomi was telling me that they had been talking on their way there about what they would do for posing because they both didn't know what they were doing, but decided that all they'd really have to do is love up on each other - and I promise you guys that's literally it.

So naturally that's what they did during our time together. I mean, come on, how easy is that?! You just love up on your partner for an hour and I catch some beautiful shots of you guys that you can keep forever, who wouldn't want that?!?

Okay though, I do have to tell you guys that Naomi and Alonzo have such a fiery and pure love. There was no question about that. At all. The word that comes up when I think about them is "unapologetic." They share a love that is unapologetic and I think that is one of the most beautiful qualities in a relationship. When they were sharing intimate moments with each other, even in front of the camera, I could tell that they were in their own world - wrapped up in their love, like no one else existed. That is something so freaking special and I feel honored to have been able to witness and capture it.

When I started my photography business, I was photographing any and everything. I didn't know what I liked best and I needed to try it all. Don't get me wrong, I do still love it all and will take on pretty much any project because I just really love to connect with people and give them frozen moments in time that they can have forever. But the more I grow and my business progresses, the more I realize that capturing the love between two humans is honestly my favorite thing in the world. Being in the presence of such incredible people with such pure and true love is the best thing ever, and the be able to witness intimate moments between them is irreplaceable. I love love.

Andddd as always, scroll down for some more photos from this session. Seriously. You don't want to miss these ones.



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