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Photo Session Guide

Hey fam! I always get asked about what to expect when booking a session with me or how to navigate the entire process, from what to wear, to what to bring and everything in between. SO I'm here to give you the perfect guide so that you feel prepared and ready for your session with me! Because really, it's a whole lot easier when you know what to expect and how to get ready on your end, so let's do this!

What to expect...

You might be wondering what a photo session with me looks like, so let me give you the deets. Once you send over your deposit, you've secured your spot on my calendar. We probably have already picked a location, but if we haven't, we'll make sure we do. On the day of your session, I always make sure to be clear about where we'll meet up, especially if it's somewhere big, like a park. I'll let you know where I am and what I'm driving or wearing so that it's easy for you to find me. We'll explore our location together and I'll guide you through posing and make sure I capture all of the beautiful moments. We'll share stories and laughs and hangout like we're old friends (because we are, right?!). I promise to make you feel comfortable and at ease, whether you need more help posing or you're a natural - it's my job to adapt to your needs and I make it my mission to do just that. We'll get all of the specific shots you want, and we'll get creative so that we also get photos that are unique to you.

What to wear...

This might be the biggest and most frequent question. What the heck do you wear?!? If you want to bring more than one outfit and we have time to do changes, feel free to bring one! Neutral, earthy colors without crazy patterns are best - you'd be surprised at how much patterns take away from the focus of the photos. I love tans, greens, whites, blacks, and blues. Keep it simple, you can't go wrong with simple! If there's more than one of you, coordinate colors! If you stick with neutral colors, it'll be easy to match everyone. I always love to include fun accessories like hats, scarves, leafy crowns, flowers, and any other things you may love - they add a nice accent to any photo. As always, you can send me pictures of your outfits and ideas and I will help you coordinate.

What to bring...

This one is pretty easy, but it also depends on what kind of session you're doing and where your location is. It's always a nice option to bring a plain / neutral blanket for you to sit on if we need it. If you're going to a spot near water, bring a change of clothes and even a towel (because you may just want to get in the water). Don't forget any props or special items you may want to include in your session!

Where to get inspiration...

If you're looking for some inspiration, I created a bunch of Pinterest boards that may help you decide on the kinds of photos you want most, and what types of poses are your favorites. You can find those here: https://www.pinterest.com/sarahnoele10/. And you can always send me photos that you've stumbled upon and want to recreate.

If you ever have questions or need help preparing for your session, I am ALWAYS here. I promise to make the entire process as easy and comfortable as possible, from booking with me to delivering your edited photos. Shoot me a text, a call, an email, or a message on any of my social media accounts and I'll be sure to lend a hand. I cannot wait to work with you and I hope this was a helpful guide to get your ready for our time together!




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