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Sarah & Jake

GUYS! This was my dream shoot, with my dream clients (but really it was like hanging out with my best friends the whole time, let's be real).

I met Sarah at the spiritual center I was going to weekly, at a workshop called soul grit. I think it was the second time we met that we decided I would take her maternity photos. This was months ago, but we planned ahead because we knew we needed to make it happen. I knew that Sarah would want to incorporate the things I love most into her maternity session, so naturally I was SO EXCITED.

I asked Sarah to tell me more about their story, how they met, and how they made it to the present. I just have to share some of it with you guys because it's such a beautiful story. In November of 2012, Sarah's mom had mentioned to her that she should try speaking to the universe and asking for what she wants. She decided to give it a shot by asking for her person. This would be her very first time speaking directly to the universe, source, God, whatever your choice of words are for the infinite energy that encompasses us all. She imagined a tall, glowing, amber man.

At this same time in 2012, Jake also prayed to God, asking to meet his person, a beautiful woman inside and out named Sarah.

One thing led to another, and after messaging each other on Facebook for a few days (cheers to 21st century technology), they decided to meet up. Sarah told me that she fell in love with him before they even met in person. But when they did meet, Sarah ran to Jake like she was being reunited with her best friend. Jake took Sarah to the Farmington River where they shared their first kiss while balancing on a fallen tree. Jake introduced Sarah to his family as the girl he was going to marry, and they've loved each other fiercely ever since.

Sarah shared some of the obstacles they had to face throughout their relationship and it was so incredible to hear how much they faced together, and how much it has shaped their relationship. They truly have a love that I could feel when I was with them. One word that stands out to me when I think about these two is grace. Their love is graceful, organic, and so so pure. This is what made this session so special to me. It was such an honor to be in their presence and capture such a beautiful and blossoming time in their lives and relationship as they're about to welcome a baby girl into their little family.

We took photos by the Farmington River, a place that's so special to them. We walked through the woods, laughed, talked, and made memories. It was AMAZING. Seriously. Sarah looked like a freaking goddess in her maternity dress, and the two of them were so natural and easy to capture. Experiences like these are the reason why I do what I do. I LIVE for this stuff. I'm so excited to watch their journey into parenthood, and hopefully take some photos when their little girl is earthside. Scroll down to see some more photos from our time together.

All of my love,

xx Sarah


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