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The Sales Family

Hi, it's me again, dropping in to tell you about this super fun extended family session I had over the weekend. Usually taking photos for big families is pretty freakin hard, especially when there are littles involved. Mostly because how the heck do you get every single person to smile at the same time??? It's seriously a process sometimes. All of you photographers reading this, you feel me, right? Trying to tell every person where to stand and how to pose and then getting them all to do it at the same time, sheesh. But then sometimes, you get families like this one, and they make your job SO MUCH EASIER. Like, even their kiddo smiled for pretty much every single photo.

This family was so much fun to be around, and their relationships with each other shined through during our time together in the most beautiful way. Levi, the toddler of the bunch, was playing with bubbles, saying "I seeeee you!!", and playing peek-a-boo the entire time. He made sure everyone was smiling and entertained. There was one point where he didn't want to take anymore photos, so he had to be bribed with a lollipop and some mini muffins (literally my favorite part about family sessions is finding out what the child gets if he/she smiles for some photos).

The lollipop and mini muffins didn't disappoint, but it wasn't long before he realized what was going on and played the game to get more treats from his parents. Really though, kids are the best part about family photoshoots.

We walked around Elizabeth Park, smelled the newly bloomed roses and flowers, stopped for photos, played with bubbles, and laughed for a solid hour together. It was honestly the easiest family session I've ever done, and Levi was the most photogenic toddler EVER. Check out some more photos we captured down below, I promise they're worth seeing.

xx Sarah


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