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The Vegan & Eco-Friendly Styled Shoot of my DREAMS!

Honestly I feel inspired as HECK. So I'm here, writing to you, because this is just too good not to share.

A few months ago, Deana & I were messaging back and forth about the idea of doing a vegan & eco-friendly styled shoot. Both of us are super passionate about veganism and conscious consumption and thought it would be so beautiful to bring together talented humans who aligned with this vision.

And let me just tell you.... we created MAGIC. The dream team of vendors that came together was absolutely perfect and every piece of this shoot literally made my dreams come true. I am really writing this to shoutout all of the wonderful people who made this possible, because they're freaking awesome and supporting other entrepreneurs is da best.

So let's break this down... Get ready for the dream team!!

↠ Deana is the magical human behind Christopher Michael the Salon, she is an actual wizard and has such an eye for beauty. She was the mastermind behind hair and makeup, as well as the concept and design.

↠ Sarah is a genius. Like actually. She is the face behind Brehant Creations and you FOR SURE need her in your life. She is a badass boss lady and also a dope human.

↠ Kendra is seriously such a kind soul and I absolutely love everything that her and her business, Whole Weddings, stand for. The coolest thing? Her stationary is literally made from plantable paper that grows into flowers. I AM NOT KIDDING. I was so excited to finally meet her in person and work with such an amazing business that aligns with me hardcore.

↠ Ashley, from The Urban Botanist, created the most BEAUTIFUL bouquet, arbor and centerpiece. She made sure to go foam-free! The colors she chose went perfectly with the vibe of the shoot and the variety of florals were seriously to die for.

↠ Karen has an incredible vision and business, Solden, and I was so excited to work with her. Karen and I met a few months ago at a local meet up and I loved what she was about and her mission behind her business. She brought all of the tarot decks, crystals, palo santo and other favors and they really tied everything together.

↠ Wendy custom built the sweetheart table for this shoot and it was perfect. I love that her business, Over and Over Barntique, is centered around handcrafting re-purposed furniture & decor.

↠ Deb is the literal magician behind Cake. Vegan Bakery. I am not kidding when I say that this vegan cake was the BEST cake I have ever had. I know all of the other vendors will agree with me on this because once we finished photographing it, we all grabbed forks and dug in. She will be at my own wedding 110%.

↠ Jessica owns The Confetti Bar, and while I didn't get the meet her in person, I absolutely love everything that her business is about. Her confetti is made out of the most beautiful flower petals and biodegradable gold flakes and I honestly think the photo with confetti being thrown is my favorite one from the shoot.

↠ Irma, owner of Xluzive Weddings, captured video of the entire experience and I cannot wait to see what she creates. She was so much fun to work with!

↠ Marivel is the beauty behind Flutter Dress and she handmade the most beautiful, sparkly dress. It was basically THE dress for movement and twirls.

↠ Shoutout to our lovely models, Sara & Dan, who were seriously so natural in front of the camera (& also fellow vegans)!

↠ A shoutout to Generation Tux for the tux rental, and Snassy Crafter for the runners!

↠ Lastlyyyy Gillette Castle State Park was the perfect location and the castle was the most beautiful backdrop.

Scroll down to witness the magic...

And we had to get a group photo...

Thank you to these badass humans ^^ and all of the other vendors who couldn't make it, but still helped bring all of this to life.

I recommend all of the amazing people to anyone who is planning / helping plan a wedding (& all other services that any of them offer).

If you liked what you saw, share this blog post & tell your friends. Supporting small businesses helps people like us do what we love everyday, and a simple share gets us out in the world even just a little bit more - we appreciate it SO much.

Cheers to new friends, connections & fellow earth lovers!

xx Sarah

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